Photography is tangible evidence that our legacy will live on long after we are gone; being able to forever look back on what was and the journey one may have taken to get there.

New York is home to me, born and raised on the upper west side. I have had a curiosity for photography ever since I held my first fisher price camera and over the years that curiosity grew into a passion. That passion has taken me around the world and given me a love for travel. It has allowed me to experience different cultures and gain a greater understanding of photographing people, experiences and the ever changing environment.

I have developed my skills while attending the School of Visual Arts and the International Center of Photography. My work is diverse as I enjoy photographing the not so obvious and the truth. I want my clients to feel the emotion in the photograph hanging on their living room wall or be transported to a destination they have never been, through photographs of my travels.

I work closely with my clients as I am dedicated to providing them with the utmost quality in my photographs and achieving what they are looking for.